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#6- Social

It is thought that a project cannot be successful unless it is open to public and fixed the mistakes based on clients' feedbacks. Sometimes, users' opinions are also an inspiration to manufacturers make the market more colourful. This definitely involves automated cars and some relevant projects. Let's take a look at some illustrations below to clearly see the difference in people's outlook on autonomous world.

1. Type of vehicle used:
Since  Vietnam (my country) is still a developing country, affording a car is not easy to most of the population, and because of the limited traffic system, riding a motorbike is always the number one choice for people.

2. Interest in having an autonomous car: 2 among 10 people asked seem not to be interested in autonomous car since one prefer driving the car by himself and enjoy his car's ownership (maybe it is hard to him to afford a car so he really appreciates it), and the other worries about some bad situations that unmanned car can…

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#4- Personality

#2- Technological

#1- Introduction